There is nothing on earth that badly needs to be imprisoned more than the tongue. Ibn al-Qayyim (via erraticintrovert)

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Our Masjid keeping things nice and peaceful :)
  • Atheist: So how do you know Islam is right?
  • Me: Because even if I die, and find out there is no heaven, or no God, I could still look back on my life and be happy with the way this religion taught me to live.

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When death becomes repetitive, it doesn’t give us the right to remain numb. 

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I don’t know who I will be, and I don’t know where I will be, but I know that Allah will choose what’s good for me. Wisdom for the Seeker (via islamicgirl)

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#hijabis are the most fashionable people around #and it’s worse because they never have the tragedy of a good outfit being ruined by a bad hair day #i mean if you have a bad hijab day you’re doing it wrong (via bowtiesandjamjars)
The deeds most loved by Allah (swt) are those done regularly, even if they are small. [Bukhari, Muslim] (via islamispeace)

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being friends with non-muslims


friend: see you tomorrow!

me: YEAH *under breath* inshaAllah

friend: you look so cute today!

me: *under breath* mashaAllah

friend: let’s go eat!

me: *under breath* bismillah.

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we shan’t forget them

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